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About Shiva Dudigama

Welcome to the world of Shiva Dudigama, a Digital Marketing consultant, who has been in business not just in the LinkedIn platform, but also has expertise in Event Coordinating, Marketing and Sales.

He has been hustling since the age of 13, who while at college has interned with more than 15 companies. In 2017, BDM Ads, Shiva’s own company was founded for marketing, branding and consulting to help aid blooming businesses.

I Can Help you

Digital marketing

A promotion of your business can be accomplished by creative marketing using the symposium of social media marketing, email marketing, influencer marketing

LinkedIn growth

His LinkedIn profile is proof of his phenomenal growth in the platform. Who better to guide you in your LinkedIn growth than the best?

Branding and Advertising

Creating a brand that you believe in and taking it forward through successful campaigns that elevate your stand in the market.

Lead Generation

Creating a staggering brand awareness, build relationships & capture interests of potential clients &ultimately close the deals.

Content Marketing

Online marketing can be astonishing route to attract targets & generate leads which in turn leads to profitable customer action.

Personal Branding

We help you shine as an individual brand and increase your credibility to advance ahead of the competitions.

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